What is Shopify Polaris

What is Shopify Polaris?

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Have you ever wondered what makes Shopify different from other eCommerce platforms? Wonder no more! 

Shopify Polaris is a set of comprehensive guidelines and principles that designers can use while building themes for the Shopify platform

It was created in order to ensure that all themes on the Shopify platform are high-quality and consistent in their design.

Polaris is divided into two sections. The first section covers general design principles, while the second section provides specific guidelines for designing different types of pages and elements

How to Use Shopify on Polaris?

Shopify is a platform for businesses of all sizes to create an online store. It offers users a customizable platform, an easy-to-use checkout process, and a wide range of features. Polaris is a Shopify theme that is designed for businesses in the fashion industry.

Here’s how to use it:

When you first log in to your Shopify account, you’ll be asked to select a theme for your store.

You can either choose from one of the pre-installed themes or select “Add new theme” to install a new theme from the Theme Store. 

To use Polaris on Shopify, simply search for “Polaris” in the Theme Store and click “Install“. 

Once installed, Polaris will become the active theme for your shop. You can then begin customizing it to match your brand identity and style.

The customization options can be found in the “Theme settings” section of your shop’s admin panel. 

Here, you can change things like the color scheme, font family, and social media links that are displayed on your site.

If you’re not familiar with HTML or CSS code, don’t worry – there’s no need to edit any code when using Polaris on Shopify. 

However, if you’re looking to add more advanced features to your store (such as product slideshows or custom fonts), then you may need to hire a developer to help with these tasks. 

Overall, Polaris is an excellent choice for fashion retailers who are looking for a stylish and modern shop design. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started selling online.

What is Shopify Polaris?

Shopify Polaris is a design system created by Shopify. It was designed to help teams create consistent, high-quality user interfaces for Shopify’s products and services.


Polaris consists of four parts, a visual style guide, a set of UI components, an icon set, and a typeface.

Visual Style 

The visual style guide includes principles for color, typography, spacing, and other elements of design. 

UI Components

The UI components are pre-built HTML and CSS codes that can be used to build interface elements such as buttons, form fields, and navigation menus.

Icon Set

The icon set includes icons for use in Shopify’s products and marketing materials.


The typeface is a custom font called Montserrat that was created specifically for use with Shopify Polaris. 

Is Shopify Polaris Open Source?

Shopify Polaris is an open-source project that was created to help developers create beautiful and consistent user interfaces across Shopify

The project is written in Sass and includes a wide variety of components that can be used to create your own custom designs.

What is Polaris Web Development?

Polaris is a web development framework created by Shopify. It is designed to help developers create fast, reliable, and responsive applications. 


Polaris is built on top of Ruby on Rails, so it inherits all the benefits of that framework.

Some of the key features of Polaris include:

A Unified Design System:

With Polaris, you can create consistent interfaces using Shopify’s pre-built design components. This makes it easy to build beautiful applications that match the look and feel of Shopify.

Powerful Tools for Data Fetching and Caching

Polaris provides a streamlined way to fetch and cache data from your application’s backend. This makes it easy to keep your application data up-to-date without sacrificing performance. 

Automatic Code Splitting

It ensures that only the code necessary for rendering a given page is loaded, which can improve performance by reducing the amount of JavaScript that needs to be downloaded and parsed by the browser.

Built-in TypeScript Support

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that provides an improved development experience thanks to features like type-checking and auto-completion.

Polaris is open source under the MIT license, so anyone can use it to build their own applications. 

Is Polaris Design Open Source?

Open source design is a collaborative model of software development that encourages open collaboration. 

The term is most often used in reference to software code, but it can also be applied to other forms of digital or analog material such as hardware designs, blueprints, schematics, and even documentation. 

The basic idea behind open source design is that by allowing anyone to view and contribute to the design process, better solutions can be found more quickly and cheaply than if only a single team or individual was working on the project.

In addition, the open-source design allows for the continuous improvement of products or systems through the collective efforts of many individuals. 

Shopify Polaris Icons

Shopify has long been known for its user-friendly ecommerce platform, and one of the company’s latest offerings is sure to please designers and developers alike. The Shopify Polaris icons are a comprehensive set of icons that can be used in all sorts of applications, from websites to apps. The icons are available in both SVG and PNG format, and they’re free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

There are over 60 different icons included in the set, covering a wide range of topics such as social media, payments, shipping, and more. If you’re looking for high-quality icons to use in your next project, be sure to check out the Shopify Polarisicons!

What is Shopify Polaris Design System

Shopify’s Polaris design system is a comprehensive guide to designing and building beautiful ecommerce experiences

It includes everything from typography to color, layout, and accessibility guidelines. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Shopify developer or just getting started, Polaris will help you create stunning online stores that your customers will love.

Final Thoughts

Polaris is Shopify’s very own design system. It was created to help teams within Shopify work together and create a consistent user experience across all of our products. 

This helps us move faster as a company and make sure that the solutions we’re creating are accessible to everyone. 

We’re constantly iterating on Polaris and adding new features, so be sure to check back often!


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