Can You Use Visual Composer in Bigcommerce

Can You Use Visual Composer in Bigcommerce?

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Visual Composer is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress that lets you create custom pages and posts with drag-and-drop ease. 

It’s been used by millions of people around the world, including many big brands and businesses. 

But can you use Visual Composer in BigCommerce? 

Yes, you can use Visual Composer in BigCommerce. It is a great tool for creating custom pages and templates. 

With Visual Composer, you can drag and drop elements to create beautiful pages without having to code.

How To Add Widgets to BigCommerce?

Adding widgets to BigCommerce is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps

First, you will need to log into your account and navigate to the “Design” tab. 

From here, you will select the “Widgets” option from the left-hand menu.


On the next page, you will see a list of all available widgets. 

To add a widget to your store, simply click on the “Add Widget” button next to it. 

Once you have added a widget, it will appear in the designated area on your store’s homepage.

How to Customize Your BigCommerce Theme?

There are a few ways to customize your BigCommerce theme. You can either use the Custom CSS editor in the Theme Settings, or you can edit the code directly in the theme files. 

If you want to make small changes to your themes, such as colors or fonts, then the Custom CSS editor is a good option.

To access the Custom CSS editor, go to Storefront > My Themes, and click on the “Customize” button for your theme. 

Then, click on the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the “Custom CSS” section. 

If you want to make more significant changes to your theme, such as changing the layout or adding new features, then you will need to edit the code directly in the theme files.

To do this, first, download a copy of your theme from BigCommerce. 

Then, unzip the file and open it in a text editor such as Sublime Text or Atom

Before making any changes to your theme files, it’s always a good idea to create a child theme.

This is because when you update your BigCommercetheme, any customizations you have made will be lost unless they are in a child theme. 

To create a child theme, simply create a new folder inside your theme’s folder and name it something like “my-child-theme“. 

Then, copy over any files from the parent theme that you want to customize into this new folder.

For example, if you want to change the layout of your product pages, copy the file named product .html from the parent theme into your child theme directory and make your changes there. 

Once you’ve made your changes in the child them, you will need to publish it to see the changes on your storefront. 

You can do this by going to the Theme Settings page (again, go to Storefront>  My Themes and click on the “Customize” button for your theme), 

Select your child me from the drop-down menu under “Current Theme.” Hit save and your customized version of the theme will be live on your store!

Can You Customize BigCommerce?

Yes, you can customize BigCommerce. You can use the BigCommerce Customization Manager to make changes to your store’s theme and layout. 

You can also add custom code to your store if you need more advanced customization.

What is Stencil BigCommerce?

Stencil is a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform that provides everything you need to create an online store. 

BigCommerce is the world’s leading eCommerce platform and it enables businesses of all sizes to sell online.


Stencil is a new way to create fast, optimized and responsive eCommerce themes. 

It is built on top of the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and Webpack. Stencil provides a great experience for both developers and shoppers.

BigCommerce templates are fully customizable, so you can create a unique look for your store that reflects your brand identity.

With Stencil, you can easily create custom pages, add new sections and change the layout of your store without touching any code. 

You can also use our pre-built templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas. 

Stencil makes it easy to manage your products, orders, and customers from one central location.

BigCommerce also offers 24/7 support so you can always reach us if you need help setting up or managing your store.

BigCommerce Wysiwyg Editor

The BigCommerce Wysiwyg Editor is a great way to manage the content on your website.

It allows you to quickly and easily edit your content without having to HTML or CSS. 

The editor is very user-friendly and has a lot of features that make it easy to use.

How to Change Theme in BigCommerce?

If you’re using BigCommerce to power your online store, you may want to change your theme at some point. 

Maybe you’re not happy with the current theme, or maybe you just want a change. 

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to change themes in BigCommerce.

To change your theme, first, log into your BigCommerce control panel.

Then, go to Design > Templates. On this page, you’ll see all of the available themes.

Just click on the one you want to use and it will be activated. That’s all there is to it! 

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with any of the available themes, you can always hire a designer to create a custom theme for you. 

But changing themes is a quick and easy way to give your store a new look without spending a lot of time or money.

BigCommerce Page Builder

The BigCommerce Page Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to create custom pages for your store

With this tool, you can add new products, change the layout of your pages, and much more. 

This page builder is a great way to make your store more unique and stand out from the competition.

Wrap Up

While the answer may not be as simple as a yes or no, it’s definitely worth considering for anyone running a store on the platform. 

Not only does it offer an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for those who are intimidated by code, but it also comes with a plethora of features and integrations that can make your life as a store owner much easier. 

So whether you’re looking to add some extra flair to your product pages or want to build out complex landing pages without touching a single line of code, Visual Composer just might be the perfect solution for you.


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