Can You Use a Godaddy Domain With Squarespace

Can You Use a Godaddy Domain With Squarespace?

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Squarespace is a popular website builder that many people use to create their websites. But can you use a Godaddy domain with Squarespace? In this article, we will explore the answer to that question and give you some tips on how to make it work. We will also discuss the pros and cons of using each platform. So, if you are considering using Squarespace for your website, read on!

How To Connect A Godaddy Domain To Squarespace (For Beginners)

How to Connect Godaddy Domain to Square?

Whether you’re starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, one of the first steps is to choose a domain name. Once you’ve settled on the perfect moniker, the next step is to register it with a domain name registrar like GoDaddy.

However, if you’re planning to build your website with Square, you’ll need to take an additional step to connect your domain to your site. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here’s a quick guide on how to connect your GoDaddy domain to Square.

First, log in to your GoDaddy account and select your domain. Then, click on the “DNS” tab and scroll down to the “Nameservers” section. Select “Custom” from the drop-down menu and enter the following nameservers:


Click “Save Changes” and that’s it! Your domain will now be connected to your Square site.

How to Link Godaddy Domain to Website?

If you have a domain name through GoDaddy and want to use it for your website, there are a few steps you need to take.


First, you need to set up hosting for your website. This will give your website a place to live on the internet.

Once you have done that, you can link your domain name to your website. To do this, log into your GoDaddy account and go to the “My Products” page. On this page, find the domain name you want to use for your website and click on the “Manage” button next to it.

On the next page, scroll down to the “Nameservers” section and select the “Custom” option. In the box next to Custom Nameservers, enter the nameservers for your web host (you can find these in your web host’s documentation).

Once you’ve done that, click on the “Save Changes” button and your domain should now be pointing to your website!

Squarespace Use a Domain I Own

If you’ve already registered a domain name through another provider, you can use it with your Squarespace site.

To do this, you’ll need to set up domain mapping. Domain mapping connects your custom domain to your Squarespace site and allows you to use the Squarespace platform while keeping your own domain name.

It’s a great way to upgrade from a free trial or starter plan to a paid plan, or to consolidate multiple sites into one Squarespace account.

Domain mapping is available for all paid plans: Personal, Business, and Commerce. You can have multiple domains mapped to the same site, but each domain must have its own unique mapping setup.

Mapping a root domain (like requires transferring DNS records from your current registrar to Squarespace Nameservers. Mapping a subdomain (like only requires changing DNS records at your current registrar; you don’t need to transfer anything over since we’ll be providing the DNS hosting for that subdomain automatically.

Once you’ve completed the steps below, visitors will be able to view your site at both the www and non-www versions of your custom domain (for example, and example .com).

If you prefer one version over the other, we recommend setting up redirects so visitors are always taken to your preferred URL . Before You Begin There are a few things worth considering before beginning this process:

The time needed: Allow 30 minutes – 1 hour for this process from start to finish We recommend having an active paid subscription before starting this process because some changes might cause downtime on your site if done incorrectly without an active subscription in place As part of our Terms of Service, certain types of content aren’t allowed on our platform.

Squarespace Nameservers Godaddy

If you’re looking to use Squarespace with your GoDaddy domain name, you’ll need to update your nameservers. Nameservers are what tell the internet where your website is hosted, and when you’re using Squarespace, you’ll want to use Squarespace’s nameservers.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and go to your domains page.
  2. Click on the domain name you want to use with Squarespace.
  3. In the Domain Settings section, click Manage DNS.
  4. Under Nameservers, select Custom from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the following four nameservers into the fields provided:

Can You Buy a Domain on Godaddy And Use It on Squarespace?

If you’re looking to buy a domain and use it with Squarespace, you’ll be happy to know that the process is pretty straightforward. You can purchase your domain directly through GoDaddy or another registrar, and then connect it to your Squarespace site.


First, you’ll need to purchase your domain from GoDaddy or another registrar. If you’re not sure where to buy your domain, we have some recommendations in our help center. Once you have purchased your domain, you can connect it to your Squarespace site by following these steps:

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account and go to the Domain Manager page.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the domains that you want to use with Squarespace, and then click on the “Use my domains with” drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  3. Choose “Squarespace” from the list of providers.
  4. Click on the “Connect Domain” button next to each domain that you want to connect (you may need to scroll down).
  5. A new window will open asking for permission for GoDaddy to share information with Squarespace – click on “Allow”.

Should I Transfer My Domain from Godaddy to Squarespace?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider transferring your domain from GoDaddy to Squarespace. Here are just a few:

  • Ease of Use: Squarespace is widely known for being one of the easiest platforms to use when it comes to creating and managing your website. This is in large part due to their drag-and-drop interface which makes building your site a breeze, even if you have no prior experience. In contrast, GoDaddy can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming for those who are new to web design.
  • Better Designs: Another advantage of using Squarespace is that they offer beautiful, modern designs that will make your site look professional and polished. With GoDaddy, you’re limited in terms of design options and customization, so your site may end up looking quite basic in comparison.
  • More Features: When you use Squarespace, you’ll also have access to a host of additional features that aren’t available with GoDaddy. For example, Squarespace offers e-commerce functionality, so you can easily set up an online store with ease. There are also many integrations available, such as social media feeds, Google Maps, and more – all of which can be added with just a few clicks.
  • Better Customer Support: If you ever run into any issues or have questions about using Squarespace, their customer support team is always on hand to help out. They offer 24/7 live chat support as well as email and phone support meaning someone will always be there to assist you should you need it. This level of customer service is not something that GoDaddy can match.

Bottom Line

Yes, you can use a GoDaddy domain with Squarespace. You will need to set up domain forwarding from your GoDaddy account to your Squarespace site. Once you have done this, you will be able to use your GoDaddy domain with your Squarespace site.


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