Can I Buy a Domain Through Squarespace

Can I Buy a Domain Through Squarespace?

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If you’re thinking about starting a website, one of the first things you’ll need to do is buy a domain name. A domain name is the address people will use to find your website, and it’s an important part of building a successful online presence.

While there are many places where you can buy a domain name, Squarespace is one option that you may be considering.

So, can you buy a domain through Squarespace? The short answer is yes! In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of buying a domain through Squarespace and explain some of the benefits of doing so.

Can I Buy a Domain Through Squarespace

Yes, you can buy a domain through Squarespace. You can either buy a new domain or transfer an existing one to Squarespace. To buy a new domain:

  1. Go to your Domains panel and click Buy Domain.
  2. Enter the domain you’d like to register in the New Domain field, then select the TLD from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Check Availability. If your desired domain is available, click Add to Cart & Continue. If it’s unavailable, try another variation or use our domain Suggestions tool for help finding an available domain (see next section).
  4. On the Registrant Contact page, enter your contact information. This is the contact information that will be publicly associated with your domain name ( WHOIS ).

We recommend using your personal contact information rather than your business contact information so that you can more easily manage ownership changes down the road, if necessary.

How Do I Purchase a Domain from Squarespace?

Squarespace is a popular website builder and hosting platform that offers users a variety of features and options for creating and managing their websites. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when setting up your Squarespace site is choosing a domain name.


Before you can purchase a domain name from Squarespace, you’ll need to sign up for an account with them. Once you’ve done that, log in to your account and navigate to the ‘Domains’ tab. From there, click on the ‘Buy New Domain’ button.

On the next page, enter the domain name you want to purchase into the search bar. If the domain name is available, it will show up as an option below the search bar. Click on it to select it and then click on the ‘Continue’ button.

If you’re happy with your selection, review your order on the next page and then click on the ‘Checkout Now button. Enter your billing information on the following page and then click on the ‘Place Your Order button to finalize your purchase. That’s all there is to it!

Now that you’ve purchased your domain name from Squarespace, all that’s left to do is set it up with your Squarespace site.

How Can I Tell If a Domain is Available Through Squarespace?

Assuming you would like to learn how to check if a domain is available for purchase through Squarespace:

When you visit, in the upper right-hand corner there is an option to ‘Log In’ or ‘Start Your Free Trial.’ Click on the latter.

Next, you will be asked to choose your unique website address. Type in the desired web address into the blank field and click ‘Check Availability.’ If the domain is available, it will say “Yes! This Domain Is Available.”

If it says “Domain Taken,” that means someone has already claimed that website name. You can also use this method to see if a custom email address using your new domain name is available.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Domain Through Squarespace

Everybody knows that having a website is important for businesses. A website gives you a platform to showcase your products or services, connect with customers, and drive sales. But what many businesses don’t realize is that where you buy your domain can make a big difference. Here are 7 benefits of buying a domain through Squarespace:

  1. You’ll get a free year of domain privacy. This means that your personal information (like your name and address) will be hidden from public view, protecting you from spam and identity theft.
  2. You can use Squarespace’s easy-to-use domain search tool to find the perfect domain for your business. And if the domain you want is taken, they’ll suggest some similar options that might work just as well.
  3. Buying a domain through Squarespace gives you automatic access to email forwarding and professional email accounts (like [email protected]). This can save you money on monthly fees for other email providers.
  4. When you buy a domain through Squarespace, they handle all of the complicated technical stuff for you. All you have to do is choose your domain and start building your website.
  5. If you ever need help with anything related to your domain, Squarespace has 24/7 customer support available via chat, email, and phone.
  6. Buying a domain through Squarespace supports an innovative company that is constantly working to improve the web experience for everyone.
  7. And finally, when you buy a domain through Squarespace, you’ll get a free 14-day trial of their world-class website builder. This way, you can try before you buy and make sure that Squarespace is the right platform for your business.

Should I Buy My Domain Through Squarespace?

If you’re considering starting a Squarespace website, you may be wondering if you should buy your domain through Squarespace or another provider. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision for your website. Buying Your Domain Through Squarespace



  • Easier to set up your website: If you buy your domain through Squarespace, they’ll handle all the DNS settings for you automatically. This can be a major time-saver when getting your website up and running.
  • Simplified billing: When everything is under one roof, it can be simpler to keep track of your expenses and budget for your website.
  • Get started with a free trial: When you sign up for a Squarespace account, you get a 14-day free trial to build out your site before committing to a paid plan. This gives you plenty of time to test out the platform and decide if it’s right for you without having to worry about buying a domain upfront.


  • More expensive than some alternatives: At $20 per year, Squarespace’s domain prices are on the higher end compared to other providers like GoDaddy ($12 per year) or Namecheap ($10 per year).
  • Limitations on some features: While Squarespace offers many powerful features, there are still some limitations if you want full control over things like email hosting or advanced eCommerce functionality.

In these cases, it may be better to use another service in addition to (or instead of) Squarespace that specializes in that area.

Google Domains

Google Domains is a domain name registrar that is operated by Google. The company offers a variety of domain name options, as well as features such as private registration and email forwarding. Google Domains also offers some unique advantages, such as integration with Google products and services.

For example, you can use your Google Domain to set up a professional email address with Gmail or create a website using Google Sites. In addition, you can use Google Domains to buy and manage other types of web-based businesses, such as online stores and blog sites.

Whether you’re looking for a simple domain name or want to take advantage of all that Google Domains has to offer, it’s worth considering this registrar when you’re ready to get started online.

Squarespace Domain Cost After First Year

Squarespace Domain Cost After First Year If you’re thinking about creating a website with Squarespace, you may be wondering how much it will cost to keep your site up and running.

When you create a Squarespace site, you have the option to register a new domain name or use an existing one. If you choose to register a new domain through Squarespace, the cost is $20 per year.

This fee includes private registration, which keeps your personal information (like your home address and phone number) out of public records.

If you opt to use an existing domain name that you’ve already registered elsewhere, there is no additional cost beyond the standard renewal fee for your domain name (which is set by the registrar).

However, if you transfer your existing domain to Squarespace (more on that below), there is a one-time transfer fee of $10. In either case – whether you register a new domain through Squarespace or transfer an existing one – the first year’s registration/transfer fee is included in your initial purchase price.

So if you’re just getting started with Squarespace and want to lock in before someone else does, rest assured that it won’t cost any more than what’s listed on their pricing page.


If you’re using Squarespace to build your website, you might be wondering if you can buy a domain through the platform. The answer is yes! You can purchase a domain directly through Squarespace or transfer an existing domain to the platform.


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